Audio Playlist - How do I create one

Hello All
I came across Flipabit and it seems like a cool program but it is still very new to me
I am trying to work out how to create a playlist for a Jazz Album
I have my files on Bunny CDN, but not sure if I can serve them directly from there or use Airtable to display and play the audio tracks, I am not even sure how to do this.
Design is not a problem for me but the backend can be a nightmare for me.
Any advice on how to correctly set up an audio playlist with flipabit is very much appreciated

Thank you

Hello bctozerbc57,

Great to read from you. I am rather new to flipabit too. But, since my goal is kinda the same I’d like to share my thoughts on your vision.

You may have already found this post, on how to make a music player work, with source files from the internet: Project: Music player
I higly recomend you go through this explanation (besides the online/youtube tutorials, search “weather app”). I used this way to figure out hot to play songs from my playlists und used this to add functions like “loop list” and “auto next” etc.

One more note: It looks like flipabit is only playing songs when the app is active on your phone. As soon as you lock the phone or change to another app the payback stops. See: Audio playing when device is locked - #2 by JaredAkash

Feel free to reach out at any time, if it doesnt work out.


Thank you
I can not get this to work, I have watched all the videos on YouTube but I just do not understand how it works.
doing the design is easy and doing the Airtable is easy, getting it all to work is a nightmare.
I have given up on this project as it has given me too much stress.

Thank you

если Вы не против, я бы хоте посмотреть Ваш проект.
If you don’t mind, I’d like to see your project.

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