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I’m totally new to Flipabit and trying to discover its possibilities.

I’m using Google Sheet as database and could already make a page with 2 table widgets (see image)

  • one table with the first letter of the name-field
  • one table with the full list of names

Now, I want to create an action that filters the second table when one of the letters in the upper table is clicked (so clicking on “W”, must only show the names “Wim”, “Willy” and “Walter”.
I could find an action filter db data , but I don’t know how to start building this action.

Databases with the fields > see images
The first table (with the letters) contains the field letter_zichtbaar from the database beginletters

So I think the filtering has to be something like if *letter_zichtbaar* is clicked then filter db *namen* where left(naam,1) = letter_zichtbaar



You need to use Filter data custom action with operator LIKE. To select all values that start with a letter, add a percent % symbol to the letter.



See the example get_names_by_letter.pma (31.2 KB)

Nice solution ! Thanks !!

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