Announcing Video Tutorials and Examples

Here, we announce video tutorials and examples that will be published soon. You can suggest the topics that are most relevant to your project.

Version 1.9

  1. Create and install your first App on iPhone using Ad Hoc (8min) -
  2. Push Notifications in iOS App using Firebase (8 min) -
  3. How to Create App with Database Part 1 (16 min) -
    • Create table, customize table view, add and remove rows
  4. How to Create App with Database Part 2
    • Multiple tables, creating a note and assigning it under folder
  5. How to Create App with Database Part 3
    • Search, sort, custom queries
  6. How to Create App with Database Part 4
    • Work with hosted database MySQL+PHP
  7. Sharing Content between Apps
  8. Mobile: Image or Camera Picker (3 min) -
    • Pick image from gallery or take a photo with a camera app
  9. Audio Recorder App
    • Record audio, save to database, select and play saved recordings
  10. Download Manager App
    • Download file, view, save and delete
  11. How to create a multi-language app
    • Detect user language and show the required content
  12. Using REST APIs
    • Create HTTP request (GET, POST, etc.) and process HTTP response from a REST API service
  13. Soon…

Hi micheal
In all the templates you have in Flipabit in my opinion, there are no examples as follows:

  • Start the animation with a video, or a rollover image with a unique background, and then see the various families in the navigation buttons.
  • An example to associate a camera with the presentation.
  • New carousel effects on image sliders with 3D effects
  • Improve the visualization of imported 3D files
  • An example of a blackboard with the possibility of using markers of different colors and shapes, with the possibility of inserting images and / or Clipart in other words a multimedia blackboard with the possibility of sending screenshots via email.
    I await with curiosity the new templates that you will publish
    good job

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