App needs to be updated

Hi Michael/Team,

We had created an app that was published on our client enterprise app store account. Now the message they are getting is:
“Explore MEA Mobile needs to be updated”

Message from their IT team:

“Additionally distribution provisioning profile of your app has expired – this means the app will not work anymore for users until the profile is extended.

Please address this topic with your app development team and discuss, what steps will be required in order to continue the distribution via DMAC under Apple Enterprise developer program.”

The developer working with us who was using Flipabit is not with us anymore. Do you provide these services at an additional charge or is there an email where we can reach out directly?

You need to create a new provisioning profile, upload it to the Flipabit and rebuild your app.


Do you provide development and app publishing as services?

Currently we do not provide such services. You can ask someone on the forum.

If you have a certificate and a provisioning profile, upload them to Flipabit and rebuild the app. Feel free to ask any questions.

Hi Michael,

How are you?
Should a new certificate be generated too (p12) or the provisioning profile can be renewed with the old certificate? kindly confirm.

Thank you

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