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Hey there! Sorry if this has been discussed but I was unable to find the string. Is it possible to design two separate apps that communicate with each other? For example, if I press a button on App A, it will create an action on App B. Would love to see how this might be possible.


It’s easy. You only need to connect both apps to the same data source. Of course, both applications must have access to the Internet. If you are on Windows I can send you an example using AirTable as data source. Or an example based on Firebase or even based on a PHP web server. Next week there will be a new release that also supports Google Sheets as data source.

Thanks Michael! I would love to see the windows option. I’m currently looking at two windows devices. Would like see both airtable and firebase if possible. Much appreciated.

App to App communication demo:

How to connect your Airtable API:

Master app project: master_app.pma (21.1 KB)

Slave app: slave_app.pma (388.7 KB)

Flipabit 2.4 Beta version:

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Hi Michael, is there a 2.4 beta version for Mac? I am working off a mac but building the apps for windows. Thanks!

Here is the version for Mac

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