Are there any good/useful video's/tutorials?

H I am new to Flipabit and was wondering if anyone knows of any good/useful videos for Flipabit?
Maybe some instruction videos or videos in which they show how to build something.
I find this kind of video very helpful.
Right now I am using Glide apps and before I started using it, I had watched several videos. I saw that for Appgyver, there are also several of that kind of videos.
It is just for me to get some ideas and maybe get new ideas of what to use for my own app.
Thanks in advance for all your tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are working on tutorials and courses that will be available soon but we have some to start with here

If you describe your task in detail, I can suggest a solution.

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for the link.
The project that I have in mind, has to do with my health condition.
I am using many medications and need to keep track of things.
thanking my meds on time, how many tablets I take, how much I still have on stock, my weight, Blood pressure, pulse, and more.
Right now I am using several apps but I would like to have everything in one place.
And also lately, the app is having some strange issues.
So I thought to create something myself.
I am not in a hurry, so I want to build it step by step and add on things one at a time.
That is why I am looking for how Flipabit works and maybe get some ideas of how to “solve” my ideas/problems. :slightly_smiling_face:
The forum/community, I think, will be a great help to me, because I am sure I will have a lot of questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you give links to apps and what functions you want to combine in a single application. We can create a series of lessons on this topic. I will also try to create a lesson plan to make it easier for you to get started.

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Right now I am using Medapp, (a Dutch app) for keeping track of my medication. I also can make schedules in there that will sound a alarm when it is time to take a certain medication. (This “old” version is not visible in the play store anymore)
Right now, the company is busy to convert the “old” app into a new app. But so far, I don’t like the new app and something are gone from it. Other things look more complicated and sometimes the logic (for me) is gone.
I am using a health app from Huawei to keep track of my weight. I am checking this every day. To make sure I am not retaining water. (This I also already placed in my own “Glideapp”)
Then I am using the app Hydro Coach. To keep track of my liquid intake. I am only allowed to have a liquid intake of 1.5-2L per day. In this app I have some kind of graph that shows me how much I already have taken and how much I can still take. I also can use different colors, so I can see if it is water, or juice, or tea.
Then I am using the app MyTherapy to keep track of my blood pressure and puls. This app has a nice way of displaying the data in a graph. And I can set a reminder for when to check my blood pressure. Normally it is once a week.
Next to that, I have my app (created in Glide apps) in which I keep track of my INR (Blood thickness) and this also will show it in a graph.
For everything, I keep track of date and time of each thing I enter.

It is a lot that I am keeping track of. And as you can see, if it would be in one app, it saves me time and effort and I don’t need to switch whole the time.
And with my own app, I can make my own layout.

In Glideapps, it is not possible to have push-notifications. That’s why I was looking at Flipabit and Firebase.

For me it is a lot to think about and for sure it will take a lot of time for me.
10 years ago I also had a hemorrhage which affected my eye sight. I have what they call “a half field of vision blindness”
But this hemorrhage also had effected my way of thinking. I am not as sharp as I was before and sometimes things will take time before it makes sense.
That is also way videos that explain certain things are very helpful to me.
I am curious to see what kind of videos you are planning.

For the future I am thinking of, maybe making my app available for others. Because I also have heart failure, and the options that I would like in my app, can also help others.

Many thanks in advance.

I think the fastest way is to convert your application to Flipabit, add push notifications and then add new features.

I’m not familiar with glide, but apparently it’s possible to make an application copyable so that another user can use it. In this case, I will be able to convert the project to Flipabit for you.

Let me know if it suits you.

Thanks for the offer.
But the reason that I am looking for tutorials is, so I can learn it myself.
And if something goes wrong or doesn’t work, I have some idea where to look for it.
In the process, I will learn from it.
Also if I look at other videos, I can first start with a simple app and from there, slowly, I can make the app I like and slowly add other features to it.
With Glide I did the same. I first made two simple apps and when I felt a little bit more confident, I started with a bigger project.
For Flipabit, I want to do the same.
I will have a look at the Youtube playlist you mentioned and see where that brings me. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve started working on a tutorial on how to build a pill reminder app. This app will use push notifications. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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Wow, that would be nice.
:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
I think this also will be helpful for others. Just to get some idea or to get a start.
I hope it will be in combination with Firebase. Then it will be two things in one go. :wink:

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