Best Database to use?

I have created an app in Flipabit but having issues with the backend database.

I’m not a bit fan of Firebase but need something that can store User emails and passwords for registrations, then able to create more tables to store other data.

What other database programs are best to use?

It will be much easier for you to use FireBase

Вам будет на много проще использовать FireBase

For a quick start, you can use Google Sheets. Then you can easily switch to Firebase.

To store passwords securely, you need to use a hash combined with a salt.


Hash password sample: password_hash_sha256.pma (6.2 KB)

Thanks for your reply.

I can create the UI perfectly just how I want it but no matter what I do, I cant connect Firebase to create a registration/login system.

I have previously used Bubble and Adalo which use standard table databases, but due to costs I moved to Flipabit, yet the backend/database issue is causing a problem so I may have to look to a different program

What I am building must have a registation and a login then multiple linked tables which users have restricted access. Google Sheets is not secure enough and I find Firebase is complicated compared to standard databases

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