BlogApp with Google SpreadSheet as database - login is not working

I converted local database from BlogApp template into Google SpreadSheet and login is not working.

Each database from template is made as new sheet and filled with identical data. Here is a screenshot.

Here is video.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Like user is pass authentication but data are not forward on next page.
Here are settings from app.

Maybe this basic authetication is problem. Do I need it when login email is coming from spreadsheet?

Это не настройки, а БД Вашей программы.
Судя по всему у Вас имеются ошибки в самой программе.
Пришлите Ваш проект

These are not settings, but the database of your program.
Apparently you have errors in the program itself.
Send your project

Ok, I will send it to you in personal message. Can you also check why post tekst is showed as numbers? I guess it is because of data type. Somewhere change from HTML into standard text should be done.

У вас нет проверки пользователя, так же вы пытаетесь провести одновременно несколько разных операций, используйте таймер.
You do not have user verification, you are also trying to carry out several different operations at the same time, use a timer.

У Вас все посты состоят из цифр
All your posts consist of numbers

Sorry but your solution is not working.
When user log in it should show green plus sign for add new post.
Also when you click on icon, it should redirect it on profile page. Here is example for Jane.
In your solution it redirect back to login page and new post sign is not visible. 5:33 in video.

Я всего лишь показал Вам как происходит авторизация, далее Вы должны были уже сделать, так как нужно Вам опираясь на пример.
I just showed you how authorization occurs, then you should have already done what you need, based on an example.

В ваших инструкциях слишком много ошибок и не верных связей. Изучите примеры работ.
There are too many errors and incorrect connections in your instructions. Study examples of work.

Thanks for help. I will try solve problem even I just connect to spreadsheet and didn’t touch anything in actions. Thanks again!

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