Boolean field (in Google Sheets) to switch-widget


one of the columns in my Google Sheet contains a boolean (checkbox). I would like to show this in Flipabit as a switch-widget, where a checked-value shows (in Flipabit) as “on” and an unchecked-value as “off”.
I connected the database (GS) and the correct field, but when opening the app, the switch seems not to show the correct value (true/false) of the boolean.

What am I doing wrong or forgetting? I think I need some if-then-else-actions ?? But how ??
Thanks for the help.


This is currently not working. We will update this within a week.

Hi Michael,

For the moment, I do not see any changes to my project.

I’m using Flipabit 2.4.0706 (as seen in About Flipabit) and this seems to be the same file as I downloaded a few months ago (2.4.0706.22).
Suggestion : can you add this “.22” (or newer version) also in About Flipabit because otherwise it’s difficult to know if we use the latest file…


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