Boolean field (in Google Sheets) to switch-widget


one of the columns in my Google Sheet contains a boolean (checkbox). I would like to show this in Flipabit as a switch-widget, where a checked-value shows (in Flipabit) as “on” and an unchecked-value as “off”.
I connected the database (GS) and the correct field, but when opening the app, the switch seems not to show the correct value (true/false) of the boolean.

What am I doing wrong or forgetting? I think I need some if-then-else-actions ?? But how ??
Thanks for the help.


This is currently not working. We will update this within a week.

Hi Michael,

For the moment, I do not see any changes to my project.

I’m using Flipabit 2.4.0706 (as seen in About Flipabit) and this seems to be the same file as I downloaded a few months ago (2.4.0706.22).
Suggestion : can you add this “.22” (or newer version) also in About Flipabit because otherwise it’s difficult to know if we use the latest file…


hi is there any update on this one? i’d like to convert the boolean value from firebase realtime database to the switch too

You can use a switch to change a single value. This does not work for a switch as a table element. This has been fixed in an upcoming version that will be released in January.

Here is an example how to use the switch: save_multiple_database_fields.pma (19.5 KB)

Hi Michael,

Is there already an update for this, so a switch can directly change a table-value?


It works. You can test it in the beta version table_switch.flp (20.4 KB)

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