Can’t change the order of the Actions

Today ive been training on “actions” and ive noticed that i cannot changed
the orders of the actions, when i select a line and try to put it above or
below another line it stays at the same position.
Is it normal, a bug, or there is another way to do it ?

Actions are automatically sorted by “Source”, then by “Event” columns to simplify navigation.

  1. Add Text widget. (Disable widget maximizing)
  2. Place it above your gallery.
  3. Select it
  4. Add a script (script.txt).
  5. Click Edit script in the Interaction inspector and paste the script.

And what if I want to re-order the actions within the same source and event.

in a source (names_table) I have an event (current index changed) with multiple actions.
How do I know what action will be executed first by Flipabit, and more important, how to change the order within this event?

You can use delay to do this. Add 50 ms to the delay so that the action is executed later.


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