Capturing the text from a barcode or rfid tag and scanner/reader

Can you give me a sample how to capture the text entry from a barcode or rfid scanner? And usually they have an ‘enter’ or return key at the end. Can I detect that, too?

  1. In Flipabit select File > New > QR Code Scanner
  2. Run it on mobile device
  3. Point the camera at the code

You can generate QR codes here:

Hi Daniel, thanks for the tip. But I need it for a USB connected device (the RFID scanner) thru OTG. Is this possible?

It’s possible if scanner with keyboard emulation.

Add Text field and use Return pressed event:

How can I test for a specific code to go a specific page?

Use the following Action:

Hi Daniel, sorry to reopen this thread, but I am unable to see the images you posted. I would love to see how I can incorporate an RFID reader into my app (to be used on a PC). The reader emulates a keyboard and enters text based on the card scanned. Would love to figure out how to trigger content in the app based on that read. Thanks!

Here are the two examples textfield.pma (5.3 KB) keypressed.pma (5.2 KB)

When reading the tag, a page with the corresponding title will open. You need to add pages with the names of the scanned cards.

For testing, use the preview mode F11.

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