Command to uncheck "ALL the buttons"

I have about 100 buttons that user set to “checked” status.
And when one “reset” button is clicked, I want to “uncheck” all 100 buttons.

I didn’t find a solution how can I do this in Flipabit.
All I found was a script and examples like this:

Item {
    Connections {
        target: document.childByName("Reset_all").scriptAdaptor
    onEventItemClicked: {

But here I need to list the NAMES of the buttons. But I don’t want to list all 100 names :frowning:

Is there any way to give the command to uncheck “ALL the buttons” in the project?
Or loop through them somehow?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

for_test.pma (19.2 KB)

Excellent! This is what I need :slight_smile:
Thanks for the example!

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