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hi… noob here. i have a question.
supposed i have 2 table. table 1 named “list of ingredient” with (field1: “ingredient name” (value; “calcium”), field2: “ingredient price” (value; 100) per gram)). and table 2 named “recipes” with (field1: “recipe name” (value; manual input), field2: “ingredient A” (value: taken from table 1. eg; “calcium”), ffield3: “ingredient A weight” (value: 21).


  1. i want to connect the value of “ingredient A” in table 2 to “ingredient name” value in table 1, or update the value of :“ingredient A” in table 2 based on the value of “ingredient name” in table 1.
  2. i want to make a calculation (“ingredient A weight” * “ingredient price” per weight) → the value of “ingredient A weight” in table 2 with “ingredient price” in table 2, so i can and put the result in a new list, new DB, or perhaps something else (as long as it’s persistent data) to be used in another calculation.

can anybody show me the way? been searching and tinkering for days and still can’t see a light.
thanks beforehand. namaste _/_

flipabit version: 2.4

*example in excel
excel example

example.flp (55.0 KB)

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Thank you so much.
not exactly what i was aiming for, but i think i see the logic in your example that could be the solution to my problem.
i’ll try to incorporated it in my work. and when (also if) i succeed, i’ll upload it here.

finally came up with this. workaround for my problem, generally using the logic you shown. but there some caveat.

  1. i think it’s not efficient, not slim enough. too many object and action to achieve it. i’m afraid if my “recipe” grow large, the app will became bloated.
  2. the data it self (the cell) not really connected. for example, if i change/edit my “ingredients DB” data (name and/or weight/volume and/or price) it’s not automatically reflected in my “recipe DB” table. it have to be manually inputted again.

overall, for now, it worked. but if there’s better solution i’m gratefully all ears… thank you.
namaste…local db ingr and recipe.pma (47.7 KB)

To do this, you need to use foreign keys (id), but I don’t understand how to get the value from another database.

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are there documentation or tutorial about using “foreign key” functionality in flipabit? can’t find any in

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