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Hi, I’m having trouble with my create account page working. I’m only asking for email and password to create an account. The google sheet is set up and email works properly but password just generates a number. For example, if it is the 3rd account created the password it generates is 3. It will create a new account and allow me to login but only with the number 3 for the password not the text password I originally used to create the account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Thanks. Works perfectly.

@Vladimir_PV Hi, as for me, I’d like to know how to create the ‘create account’ page and the ‘login’ page from scratch, as in how to connect it in order for it to send, store and arrange data. I already have the UI elements ready and couldn’t find any tutorials helping me with this. Thanks.

Какую ДБ Вы будете использовать?
Which DB will you use?

I’m planning on going with firebase.

Thanks! This was really helpful.

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