Creating a Profile Page using Google Sheets

I’m currently rebuilding my app on flipabit from another app builder. I was able to save my data from the other platform to google sheets and have been able to make a lot of progress from the YouTube tutorials and the forum. I’m would like to create a profile page that displays user favorites. Are there any tutorials on how to create the profile page using google sheets? Thanks

You can check this template To open the project you need 2.5 beta version

If you need a more detailed answer, you can share detailed data. For example, a screenshot of the profile sheet and bookmarks sheet in Google Sheets

Thanks, I will give it a try.


I’ve created the profile page but am having trouble with linking user favorites.
I’m currently having trouble linking the user to the description when the favorites button is clicked. Currently when the button is clicked it creates another row at the bottom of the database. I’m not sure how to set up the actions so that the user email is added to the same row as the description. Thanks for any help.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2


Thanks for the information. I’ve added the change current field, and it still adds it to the bottom of the database. Below is a screenshot of the action added to the favorite button. screenshot

это происходит по тому, что Вы с начало создаете новое поле (Query).
Так же у Вас не установленна временная задержка, на одном времени лучше оставлять взаимозаменяемые операции. Когда Вы устанавливаете временной интервал задержки, Вы создаете порядок действий.

This happens because you create a new field (Query) from the beginning.
Also, you do not have a set time delay, it is better to leave interchangeable operations at the same time. When you set a delay time interval, you create a course of action.

Не понятно зачем Вы делаете это на таблице, загрузите Ваш проект
It’s not clear why you are doing this on the table, upload your project

I will give that a try. Attached is my project. I created an app with another program and I’m trying to recreate the favorite page below with flipabit. I thought the table would help me filter the data connecting the user and the favorite item to create the page. Thanks for all the help.

HealthStarFitness2.flp (2.1 MB)


Query end - конец запроса
Query Field - имя поля, которое используется для создания новой записи или редактирования.
Query begin - (-1 новая запись) >=0 редактировать запись
нужно понимать что такой массив всегда начинается с 0.
порядок действий:
Query begin
Query Field
Query end
После чего Вы обновляете БД и снова пытаетесь внести изменения
это не верно:

  1. Судя по тайменгу, Вы пытаетесь сделать это все одновременно
  2. (Change current field) - не нужно указывать id, эта функция обращается к полу в БД к которому привязан компонент это может быть кнопка, текст, и ТД и вносит изменения в это поле

к сожалению трудно понять, что именно Вы хотели сделать, поэтому записал Вам небольшое видео с Вашим проектом как изменить значение поля

Query end - end of the request
Query Field - the name of the field that is used to create a new record or edit it.
Query begin - (-1 new entry) >=0 edit entry
You need to understand that such an array always starts from 0.
Query begin
Query Field
Query end
After which you update the database and try to make changes again
this is not true:

  1. Judging by the timing, you are trying to do it all at the same time
  2. (Change current field) - no need to specify id, this function refers to the floor in the database to which the component is linked; it can be a button, text, or AP and makes changes to this field

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to understand what exactly you wanted to do, so I recorded a short video with your project on how to change the field value

1234.flp (2.1 MB)

Thanks for taking time to make the video and for all the help.

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