Data Validation

Is there a way to validate entered data against a google spreadsheet to create an action? For example - Looking at a spreadsheet of Suite Numbers (1XX - 3XX). If user enters a 3 digit number (i.e. - 110), check the spread sheet to find that number and return data based on that entry. Looking at creating a wayfinding Kiosk to allow user to enter suite number and will return department location.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!


Could you share a part of the table with data so that I can find the best solution for you.

Here are some examples. The user would enter the suite # and I would like to return what is offered in that suite as well as directions to that space. The reason I want to pull this data from a google sheet is that I need it to be dynamically updated anytime something changes. I will also need to take the Suite# input within the app to determine directions to that location.

First Floor Wing
Suite 100 Lobby, Registration, West
Suite 130 Performance Gym West
Suite 150 Rheumatology, Women’s Health West
Suite 150 Sports Medicine West
Suite 150 Orthopedics West
Suite 140 Community Pharmacy Central
Suite 120 Imaging Services South
Suite 110 URGENT CARE South
Suite 140 Back-of-House, Dock
Second Floor
Suite 250 Neuroscience West
Suite 250 Behavioral Health West
Suite 250 Pain Management, Spinal Injection Suite West
Suite 240 Laboratory Services Central
Suite 200 Lactation Room Central
Suite 210 Primary Care South
Suite 220 Urology South

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