Do In-app purchases work subscriptions


Does the in-app purchase functionality work with auto-renewing subscriptions for ios and Android or is it just consumable and unlockable?

If not, is there a workaround with a tool like Revenue Cat which provides a Rest API to manage subscriptions but requires SDK installation to function?

Please advise, thanks

Currently Flipabit does not support auto-renewing subscriptions. We plan to add this feature, but we don’t have an estimated release date.

But at first glance, Revenue Cat is easy to integrate. This can be done within a month or two.

Thanks for sharing this service! It will help a lot.

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Can you elaborate a little further ?You say a month or two .How?In Flipabit , externally , with zapier ?
I’m really interested in .Thanks.

We are working on integration of in-app purchases with Revenue Cat SDK.

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