Does flipabit build windows application?


I also want to build a microsoft application.Is it possible in flipabit or do you know any program which i can use flipabit saved files?

the program works in windows, when you create a windows application, it is already packaged in .exe (SFX).
If this does not suit you, then you can unpack your application using winrar and create your own installer.

программа работает в windows, при создании windows приложения оно уже запаковано в .exe (SFX).
Если вас это не устраивает, то вы можете распаковать свое приложение с помощью winrar и создать свой установщик.

thank you very much

How can i change my existing project to windows aplication?

You don’t need to change your project. Just click Build and select Windows.


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