Does flipabit work offline?

I made the flipabit website available to some colleagues and they commented that “it doesn’t work offline”, is this statement correct?

In Flipabit, you can create an application that works offline.

Could you clarify your question?

Dear michael ,Promoting the existence of the Flipabit tool to my contacts in the IT area, I received the following comment from a colleague: “The problem is that Flipabit does not have the main feature of AppGyver: offline operation.
The ONLY reason I would recommend anyone going to the trouble of creating a native app is if they need to work offline.”
I would like to know if this statement has consistency. Thanks

You can create a completely standalone application that works offline in Flipabit.

Moreover, unlike the constructor you mentioned, which is web-based and opens in the browser, in Flipabit you can create an application without the Internet connection, because the Flipabit constructor is a standalone application. The Internet is needed only if you work with remote services (Google Sheets, Firebase, etc.) and to start the process of compiling the application.

If you have an example of an app created in Flipabit that does not work offline, I’m interested in taking a look at it. Can you share it?

Thanks Michael, I’ll pass your comment on to whoever opined about Flipabit.


in my app, the databases-settings (I use Google Sheet as database) “local” and “update on startup” are checked and work fine. Changes made by an action “change current field” when I use the app online are stored correctly in my Google Sheet

But it seems that changes to data (when using the app offline) are not synced when I go online later.
Is there a way to store those changes “somewhere offline” and once I go online, Flipabit executes a bidirectional sync?

Or is this technically not possible.


Data is not automatically synced when offline. You need to handle it manually.

  1. any suggestion how to do this?
  2. is there a way to show/hide a text-widget if user is offline? I tried with the Project / online status - action, but without success (I added a text-widget with text “OFFLINE” that is visible by default and if (at start-up) there’s an internet connection, that text-widget should be hidden.

Here is how to check online status Login still works when offline - #2 by Michael

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