Export table data to google sheets

Hello Everyone,

how can i export my flipabit table data to google sheets?
I tried to do by creating two tables.One of them is connected to flipabit,one of them is connected to googlesheets.But i couldnt transfer the data to googlesheets.

Thanks in advance

Why don’t you use one table connected to google sheets? Then all changes in the application will automatically appear in Google sheets.

Ok, but i still need to transfer data to another google sheet and clear the first one.

Steps must be like that.
1-First tables data (connected to google sheets) will be transfered to second table (connected to google sheets)
2-First table must be cleared.Users shouldnt see this data again.
3-Second table can be changed only by me.

Could you describe in detail what you are trying to do. Copying data from one table to another is not a good idea. There are limits on the number of operations in the Google API and there may be problems with this.

ok. let me explain my problem
i’ve two table’s
“table1” connected flipabit own database
“table2” connected google sheets

users can add or delete item in table1, when a user finish his editing in table1 he’ll click “completed editing” button so table1 data’s removed to table2 which is connected google sheets
then table1 will be empty and users see table2 but cant editing

thats all !

i hope you can help me

It’s like a draft post that’s published at the click of a button and can’t be changed afterwards. This can be done by adding an additional field to the Google spreadsheet, for example a field with the name published and yes/no values. Another question is how many rows will be written when the complete editing button is clicked, one or more?

more then one ofcourse otherwise i can use text field rather than table ,i just want to copied table1 to table2

Ok. I’ll create an example and let you know.

Thanks Michael

hope you can do it


Can we use “recrate database from raw data” action to transfer data to another table or sheet…
i tried but i coudnt figure out how to use it

for me I would like to be able to save local data on google sheet and vice versa

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