Files disappeared after upgrading to ver 2.5.1026.23

In Flipabit I got a popup that said there was a new version. I downloaded the version and worked on the app, did a successful build, loaded the apk directly on my android phone, saved and closed Flipabit, and now I want to make a change and there is only one very old preview. I checked in File and tried to open a file and it doesn’t load, it just says loading. My customer needs the changes made right away. Help please. Where are my files? Can I somehow use the apk in Flipabit?
Also, when I updated to 2.5.1026.23, it updated all the older versions I had. I would like to switch to an older version.

The Flipabit editor cannot delete your files. In the editor you can open your projects to change them or create new ones.

You can’t open the apk file in the editor.

That was the problem, they weren’t there. Luckily I had saved an older version of the app and older version of Flipabit.

I needed the older version anyway because the newer versions don’t have the Filter DB Data as an action item anymore. I need that for the search bar that you helped me with.

The new version has a Set filter action:


I can’t get it to work. This is for the search bar for poolbook you set up for me with the table.

Currently the filter db ‘depreciated’ for the search bar does not work properly. I can’t get ‘set filter’ to work correctly either. Most likely it is my fault because of lack of knowledge.

What happens is I do the look up and go back to look up another in the search bar and the table does not go back to the full table list and will turn gray sometimes and won’t clear. Also, the ‘Back to Menu’ button will not work after that also. The button takes the visitor back to the table of contents page is the search bar is not used.


I have the older version in Google Playstore and the search bar works fine with the ‘Filter DB Data’ action. I need the newer version of the app on Playstore so it is compliant with Android 13-14.

the action field is empty, there is no indication of what to open

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