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Hello again.
I am working on another project and I need your help.
I 've created a group that contains a text field (TextField 3) and a table (Table 3). The reason I used a group is for the table to be scrollable both vertically and horizontally.
Now, I want to input some text in the text field and filter the table based on that text.
I 've tried to use some actions but when I type text in the text field the table disappears from the screen.
Could you please help me?
Thank you for your time.

Hello Vladimir and thank you for your response.
I 've used the exact same actions for the TextField in my new project as in the project you suggest, but when I type something in the TextField the table disappears.
Maybe I should ungroup the TextField?

upload your project
загрузите ваш проект

Since my project has personal data, I am uploading a dummy project with false data.
android_tabbed_2.flp (142.3 KB)
Thank you.

Ваша ошибка в том, что вы не указали поле для фильтрации.
Если таблица подключена к более чем одному полю, то программа не понимает по какому полю фильтровать.

Your mistake is that you did not specify a filter field.
If a table is connected to more than one field, then the program does not understand which field to filter by.
android_tabbed_2.flp (142.3 KB)

Thank yoy Vladimir for your response.
It worked nicely.

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