Filter images from Google sheet database

I am new to Flipabit and I have been trying to complete my first project. I have reached the final step but I can’t get it to work.
My problem is this: I have a table in a page of my project that is connected to a Google sheet. The sheet has three columns. The first one has names of human muscles, the second one has the links to photos of these muscles and the third column has the actual images placed in cell. The table displays just one row and takes its values from the first column of the Google sheet (muscle names). Everything works as expected with this one.
What I want is to import some kind of widget in the same page that will “see” what value the table has and display the corresponding image.
I have tried many times with the image widget but haven’t accomplished what I want.
I would also like to mention that when importing my Google sheet in Flipabit, columns A and B are visible but column C (the one with the actual images) is not. And that my sheet is available to anyone with the link.
I hope I gave you all the information needed.
I would really appreciate your help since it’s the last thing to complete my project and I would really like to see it finished.
Thank you for your time.

Hello again.
I am trying to solve my problem by using another approach.
I have inserted a table AND a combo box in the page that both diplay the names of the muscles. I 've also imported an image widget with all the muscle images.
Can anyone please help to determine the action parameters so that when someone scrolls through the names of the muscles in the table OR chooses a muscle from the combo box, the image widget will display the right image?
Please help!!!
Thanks again.

test.flp (1.5 MB)

test2.flp (1.5 MB)

Thanks a lot Vladimir.
It finally worked!

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