Final Touches to Publish

We are almost ready to subscribe and publish a project. Need help on 2 functions before we can do so:

  1. Navigation TOC. I need to create a 2nd level navigation TOC e.g. Home → Menu → Sub-menu. Currently, I can only get a one-level TOC with the widget.

  2. Closing video. I had imported videos into my project. After I maximise and I play the video, I am unable to close the video, I can’t get the close (X) like what the showcase project “Travel Magazine” does.

Appreciate your advices. Thank you!

Multi level TOC:

How to video:

Component: toc_multilevel.pmc (23.0 KB)
Sample project: sample_toc.pma (23.1 KB)

Minimize widget

How to video:

Sample project: sample_minimize.pma (908.6 KB)

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