Firebase realtime - add image as part of record

Hi guys/gals. I am trying to upload a picture as part of a record being some text fields and and image taken from the camera to firebase and am having a hard time. I assume the image after taken has to be uploaded in text format as a url. I tried converting to base64url but still no luck. i know It has to be uploaded to storage then link from there. Any help would be nice

What are you trying to do?

Upload an image to the Firebase Storage and then save the link in the Firebase Database?
Write image base64 as a field value to a Firebase Database without using Storage?

Hi Michael, I have a form on my app that the user fills out. I did try converting it to base64. Then save that result in a text field then use that field in the json response. I could not figure out how to send it to storage then link it to the record

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