Flipabit for Health apps - GDPR

Hello Community. My first post here. I found this tool and I have been really intrigued by the possibilities. I am actively scouting the web for a no-code tool I could use to build an Electronic Health Record System (EHR). I have evaluated quite a bit of tools in the no-code/low-code space - Bubble, Adalo, Graphite GTC, Betty Blocks among others. None have really fit my needs as much as Flipabit theoretically speaking (build once, run everywhere, especially for native windows OS). However, I have a couple of questions, if anyone has experience in this area, I would be grateful for their feedback.

A. Are software built on this platform GDPR-compliant, or can they be made to be GDPR-compliant? I would like more information about this.

B. Can I build healthcare software on this platform, does anyone have any examples of healthcare software built on this platform in the past, I would just love know.

I really look forward to you anticipated kind response.

Thank you very much


A. Yes. You can make an app that meets GDPR requirements

B. You can make almost any application in Flipabit. To answer exactly I need to know the requirements of your app. What functionality, integration with devices or sensors, etc. Can you give an example of a similar application?

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