Get current date in a text field

hello , just to ask if its posible to get current date into a text field, i tried with javascript into the script box without success, greetings!

You can use the Project Properties:


See the example get_current_date.pma (929.1 KB)

:open_mouth: Great! thanyou very much! =)

Is there anyway to extract just the hour in the time string? i mean like ā€œ17ā€ instead ā€œ17:35:24ā€ thankyou in advance

Currently, using JavaScript code: document.timeString.split(":")[0]


See the example datetime_parsing.pma (929.5 KB)

Thanks for this. How do I add a real-time clock? Sorry if Iā€™m missing something easy.

You can use Text widget and time string property. See the example time.pma (4.9 KB)


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