Get data from database

I have a database in which I sort the data I need. After that I want to get the sorted array into a new empty google spreadsheet. How can I do this with flipabit?
I did not find a similar problem on the forum. Sorry, I’m still new to this.

Could you show with an example with data (a few lines is enough)? Do you really need an array? In what format? Or is it enough to write a sorted table into Google Sheet?

You can use this example. I need to put the sort result in an empty Google Sheet
Maybe I misused the word array.

It’s possible. But the empty table must already exist. You need to first create an empty table in Google Sheets, import it into Flipabit, then you can write data there. In other words, in Flipabit, you cannot create new tables and tabs for Google Sheets. It suits you?

Thank you for your attention to my problem, @Michael
I already have a google spreadsheet which is hosted in Flipabit. But I don’t understand what command inside Flipabit I could write data from one database to another. Could you please guide me or give me a simple example of writing data from one table to another?

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