Google sheets changes not showing in app

I have a google sheets database on Goggle Drive that I believed was being accessed by Flipabit project. I made some changes to the database they do not show in Flipabit. When I look at the database URL in flipabit, it says “…”.
How do I either get my Google Sheets file to become the database or get my database to “cloud.flipabit”?

I think I found the issue. The spreadsheet field has text in it and the field in my app seems to only accept numbers. I will try to fix it.

The field in my app only picks up numbers. If the cell in the spreadsheet contains text and numbers and possibly special characters, the app only picks up the numbers. If I change the number in the call (COOLER + 12) to (COOLER + 13), my app shows the 12 and then the 13, but not the other characters.
There must be some way to tell the app what is in the field.
What am I missing?
Doug Weir

WOW. Hard to find, but when I clicked on Edit Data and then Settings, my field was listed as a numeric field. Once I removed the field name from the Numeric list, it worked!

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