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I’m finishing up my health and fitness app and I’m trying to add a couple of timers which are videos to the workouts. When someone selects stretch, the stretch video would show and when they select strength the strength video would show. My problem is that it partially works when someone selects stretch the stretch video timer appears but if they want to go back and select a strength exercise the strength video timer doesn’t show up. I’ve tried for a few weeks and can’t get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

HealthyandFitrecipes2.flp (7.3 MB)

Если я правильно понял, то таймер работает.
Но я нашел у Вас другую проблему, таблица не сбрасывала выбранный индекс

If I understand correctly, the timer is working.
But I found another problem with you, the table did not reset the selected index

HealthyandFitrecipes2.flp (7.3 MB)

Thanks for the help that solved another issue. Below is a link to a video I made of the issue I’m having with the timer. I’m not sure how to set up the actions. Thanks again for the help.

Video not reappearing

HealthyandFitrecipes2.flp (7.3 MB)

Works perfectly. Thanks again for the help.

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