How can I create a text field search box to go to a page that is typed in

I am adding to an app for a client. It is almost complete. I have made all the changes the client requested. This app that was developed by someone who was fired. He didn’t use a database but entered each page of the 100 pages separately. I need to add a search box to the top of the TOC so a contractor can type in a name of a plan (page title) in the search box, hit enter and it will take him to the page (title of page) in the app . I have spent hours trying to find how to do this.

The question is not clear, please describe in more detail.
Вопрос не понятен, опишите более подробно

search bar request flipabit

I can offer you this

test.pma (20.7 KB)

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. My problem is I didn’t originally create the app and there is no database. I think he created each page separately.
I created a table of contents using the flipabit widget. It works.
Is there a way, using the Table of Contents, to create the text field to find the pool page or just even highlight the pool in the Table of Contents so it can be clicked on?

I really need help on this. Anybody? I told the customer I would be done today. I would think something as necessary as a search bar in any app would be a widget in here or a least a way to set it up.

Could you share your project file. I’ll check it. You can send it via PM or email it on [email protected]

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I sent you the project file in an email. Please let me know you received it. Thank you.

Joan Wardzala

  1. create a database that contains all your pool-names. Like my database in the example below.
    2.create a table and connect it to this database.
  2. the search button starts a script that filters your searchstring. The result is shown.
  3. click on item opens the connected page
    page search.pma (422.6 KB)

I corrected a little bug. I needed to clear the selection when returning to main page. File updated.

Thank you. I am having some difficulty. I will try again. I am trying to use the active and working table of contents as the table. Do I have to create a new table? When I try that I get ’ no group’ connected.

Just study my example in detail. It is all there what you need to know. It is very important for your own Learning Curve on This Platform that you get yourself busy. Maybe you should start with some Basic Tutorials how to work with this Platform.

I do have experience. A lot of it. I guess the answer to my question to you is you don’t know.

Thank you so much Michael for fixing the issue. I know have a working search bar.

I got this working for android and got it on Google Play. When I created the IOS version for some reason some things changed. The search bar works except the table of contents goes blank if a character is entered or a letter that is not in the table, which makes sense, but then it stays blank and doesn’t go back to listing the contents.



Could you share actions for Search Bar widget:



You should use an action that is not „deprecated“

Michael had set that up for me before. Something must have changed when I did the build for IOS. It worked fine for Android.

I emailed you the project if that helps.

Something else I noticed, after doing a search and going to the item then going back to the table of contents the scroll is locked.

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