How do I add a new page to the TOC

I found an old app file to work with. I want to add two new pages to the table of contents. I even asked chatgpt and can’t find the answer.

какой стары файл, какая страница, какой заголовок?
дайте больше информации

what old file, what page, what header?
give more information

Sorry I have another post talking about how I lost my apps when I upgraded to the most recent version of Flipabit and found an older file and version to work in. I shouldn’t have put it in this post.

I have 2 pages I want to add to the table of contents. I want them at the top of the menu. Swimming Pool Calculations first and Free Form Pools second in the menu. It doesn’t automatically add them when I move them into the hierarchy. Mine is a weird situation where Michael set up a separate table created for the TOC so I could have the search bar. I messaged you with details and the .pma.

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