How to combine information from two tables in one list

Hello at all :slight_smile:

I am dealing with a list issue that bothers me for a while. I now reached a point where no workaround seems to do the job anymore.

The problem: How can I set up a list from a “delegate element” with a list in itself? My goal is to show further information in every list item (delegate element) that is not part of the original table but stored in a separate (local) table.

I hope this next example helps you to understand this issue more clearly. Imagine a table of music playlists (stored on

Table of playlists

playlist_id playlist_name
1 Name XYZ
2 Name ABC
n …

And a table that only counts how often a list is played (stored locally).

Table of Playbacks

playlist_id playlist_playbacks
1 6
2 3
n …

Now, my goal is to have a list in flipabit that contains information from both tables. Like this:

playlist_id playlist_name playlist_playbacks
2 Name ABC 3

According to what I know so far, I cannot use a third table to combine all information needed for the list, because the playback-information is individual for every user and must be tracked separate. On the other hand, all attempts to connect one element of a list with another table have failed. Maybe I didn’t figure out the right action and filter jet but I am actually running out of ideas :frowning:

Looking forwards to reading your thoughts on this. If my explanation is unclear, please let me know, so I can clarify.

Have a great day :hugs:

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