How to create a mechanism to add to favorites or like?

How to implement a mechanism with a link to a profile, add an article or picture to favorites or put a varnish on it, so that later they are displayed on a separate page of each user. Registration base firebase.

The video tutorial based on oficial Firebase Realtime Database Quickstart (same example for JavaScript) will be posted on Monday, 12 April. In addition, it will be demonstrated how to create the chat.

You can run this example now and learn the Firebase best practices in advance. The methods of working with the Firebase do not depend on technology. They are the same in the Flipabit.

There are many good courses out there where Firebase is used as a backend. For example this course Ionic Apps with Firebase | Udemy will teach:

  • Using Cloud Firestore to store and manage app data
  • Upload files to Firebase Cloud Storage
  • Using Firebase Cloud Functions to offload heavy jobs
  • Sending automated Push Notifications to the users
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First part of the lesson series (without voice yet):

  1. List of All Posts + Single Post
  1. Adding New Post
  1. Adding Like/Unlike button
  1. Reading and writing comments

Project files:
social.pma (40.2 KB)
sample data.json


did you added voice to these videos ? as following just the video sometimes you have no clue idea why this/that happened / was done…

We are working on it.

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