How to Edit data and Save in google sheet by Action

I have google sheet data. And i want to edit data, how to edit data and save by Action in Flipabit?

First check this video Create a Shopping App from Google Sheets | Flipabit - YouTube

You can connect a text field to the table in the same way as in the video. To write the changed value just call the action Change current field.


In the example from the video, I converted the title text widget into a text field.


And added a save button that writes the changed value to the table.


See the example vinyl_app_edit.pma (58.2 KB)

You need to use your credentials:


Wow, Many Thanks for your help.

if i want to change more fields, examples " Title" and " Dercripstion". How to use " Action"?.


It is not working

It really doesn’t work and we will improve it in the next version.

This is because the actions are performed asynchronously and the save of the first field causes a data change signal, and the second field updates its value and the entered changes are discarded.

As a workaround, you need to use a helper string for each field you plan to modify.


Here is the example project vinyl_app_edit_multiple.pma (58.8 KB)

Another way is to create a Json string with all the required fields. And then commit all changes in one step.


To do this, you need to use a template string:

Here is the example project vinyl_app_edit_multiple_json.pma (58.8 KB)

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Working perfect. Thanks your help!

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