How to fit the frame of a group to its content?


I am working on a Soundpad. I have grouped every content of a single Pad. (The content col 1 to eq 1 are normally set to invisible. I just wanted to show that all content is within the frame of the audio widget). Every audio widget got a title overlay(image button). Click on the title= play,hold=pause, double click= open edit screen. So that are the functions in short.
My problem is that the frame for example of the Group 1 is much bigger than its content.
So the Groups of all Pads overlap each other and prevent that the Pads are clickable. I tried to solve this by putting all the text labels in front by an action on Page enter. But this doesn’t change anything.
Is there a way to fit the group frames exact to its content, in my case to the audio widget?


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