How to make a toggle switch which is on the video

How to make a toggle switch which is on the video. Option number 1
I created two picture buttons, but when switching, I don’t understand how to display the pressed button on top of the previous one and how to cancel the color highlighting of the previous button.

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button to front.pma (5.3 KB)

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button to front and color.pma (5.4 KB)

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I’m trying to add a similar switch to my project, but can’t find…

  1. …how to connect to the boolean column in my Google Sheet (In Flipabit, I connected it to the correct column, but clicking on the switch (left/right) doesn’t change the checkbox in my googlesheet…
  2. …how to set the default state of the switch (on/off) based on the current value in the googlesheet. From my master-page, I already added an action to that switch (SetCurrentDbRow like I did for the other widgets in my detail-page), but the switch always starts as “off”.


(when do I have to use the event “press” and when “click” ??)


Could you send your .pma file. For sensitive data you can send it to

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