How to make apps lighter

I’m preparing a presentation. Want to include some videos. The videos are relative small sizes, like 30 - 40 MB. When I import them to the presentation, the file of the presentation increase like 300 MB more. How can I keep my presentation lighter, don’t want to end up with a 4 GB app just because I add some videos.

Is there a way to make it lighter?

  1. Check that you have unselected Video Format Compatibility. If it’s unselected the video is copied as is, without converting.

  2. Also if you are using Animation widget, the video is converted into images.

You can send your project I’ll check it.

The exported project contains all the files required to launch the project. Minimum size of an exported project (without your data):

  • Windows (*.exe) - 86 MB
  • Mac (*.zip) - 83 MB
  • iOS (*.ipa) - 35 MB
  • Android (*.apk) - 30 MB

That was the thing, I was importing the videos as animations. Once I import them as videos they were fine.



I did some “research” on the internet and noticed that other app-builders also have this “problem” as topic in their forum (AppGyver: - Thunkable :
But they are trying to reduce the size by building generalized apk (instead of fat) to avoid unused libraries. Slower building, but smaller size for those who really want this.

Can this be done with Flipabit? Maybe add an option (not default) like “build minimal apk” ?

I also did a little test with and converted my personal website (including more than 5 pages, tens of pictures and some text) resulting in a apk-file of only 5 MB which could be installed easily on my phone and worked perfectly. I didn’t have to set parameters (like device,…), so I think this apk must be “minimal”. (*)
On my phone, I also have several apps, downloaded it outside GooglePlay as simple apk, only a few MB.
So I think there must be a reason why some apps are so light and others (build by Flipabit, AppGyver, Thunkable, …) are so large. I think a lot of users will be interested in the technical explication :wink:

(*) @Michael: I can send this apk as pm if you want to investigate the content, structure,…

You can explore the contents of the apk file by dragging it to Android Studio.


First, the file contains libraries for two architectures: arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a. Then 96% of the application size is libraries. These libraries are necessary to implement all the features of the constructor.

If you export only used libraries, this can cause some issues, and it is not always possible to accurately determine the libraries used. Since in Flipabit you can use custom code or a live update of the project, it may turn out that the application does not contain the required library.

We plan to optimize the size of the libraries, but this will only reduce the size by 10-20%.

Thanks, that explains a lot :wink:

That also means that Android apps with apk-files of just some MB won’t work on all devices?

I checked the apk-file that was build with (and based on my website) and this is the content :

And this apk seems to work fine without the large libraries that Flipabit uses in the large apk-files. Are there different ways to create apk-files?

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