How to save and load databases?

I am building a sound launchpad with 2x 8 audiowidgets. For each pad I set 7 parameters:
name, audiopath, Color, FontSize, FontColor, loop on/off and image.
1The parameters(some of them are invisible helpers) of each pad are connected to a database.
The Pads are setted on this edit page:
So it looks like:

Now my question:
How can I save created databases under a given filename on my device (Iphone) e.g “Soundpad1.csv”, “Soundpad2.csv”… and load them up again?
So I could choose from different Soundsets to load into the Soundpads.

Yes it is possible. The algorithm is the following:

  1. Convert main table to json
  2. Write json to another table as text
  3. Then the main table can be recreated with saved json data

See the example save_load_tabledata.pma (34.1 KB)


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