How to update info on account of specific user

How can I add new info to a specific user’s account based on their activity and not have the same info reflect on all other users’ accounts. For example if I want to reflect the recent history of a specific user, how do I do that?

I’m looking to do this manually, so I’d appreciate an example catered to that and I’m using the Firebase DB, if that’s of any use.

P.S - an in depth explanation of how to achieve this (possibly in video) would be helpful, not just a screenshot of an arrow pointing at something, because I’m learning the platform. Thanks.

Hello @Vladimir_PV , I’m not quite sure the response to my question was accurate. I would like to new info like a card or history based on the actions or interactions a user takes. How can I get this done?


Thanks in advance.

Мне трудно понять, чего Вы хотите.
Какие действия Вас интересуют? Вы хотите создать логи?
Па умолчанию в БД хранятся данные: id, emai, name - Вы можете использовать их для создания собственных карточек пользователя и т.д

It’s hard for me to understand what you want.
What activities are you interested in? Do you want to create logs?
By default, the database stores the following data: id, emai, name - you can use them to create your own user cards, etc.

Okay so let me try to rephrase. For example, if I’m running an app and interacting with it’s users outside the app and, they provide me new information, how do I add that new information to a specific user’s account (like a new image or text) and only have it reflect in that user’s account not every other user of the account?

How do I alter the information reflecting on a specific user’s account?

another example would be how you can change/update info on a spreadsheet once you’ve received new info…how can I do that with the app once it’s running?

I hope this helps. Thanks.

Ух ты ! Оказывается, в программе отсутствует функция (Список пользователей). Пора призвать Майкла!

Wow ! It turns out that the program is missing a function (List of users). It’s time to call Michael!

Hello @Michael we rarely get speedy responses from you, if you could help with this that would be great. Thanks.

@Vladimir_PV Do you think this would be achievable if I used Google sheets or Airtable for the DB instead? because then, I feel I can just edit a specific user’s account through their dedicated column and link what ever text I would like to edit to the DB.

If you think this is possible, kindly help me with a video on how to set it up. Thanks.

да, но Вы теряете возможности Firebase
yes, but you lose Firebase capabilities

@Vladimir_PV Alright please show me how I can set this up on any of the two (Google Sheets or Airtable) along with the solutions you provided for the firebase setup.


Regardless of whether you use Google Sheets or Firebase, you can change the field directly in Google Sheets or in the Firebase console. This is ok for simple apps with a small number of users or for the development stage.

For complex projects, an administration module is usually created; this can be a desktop or web application.

@Michael Alright, kindly show me how I can get this done using the firebase DB.

Hello @Michael I’ve been waiting on a response.

В приложении можно создать логику. При регистрации пользователя программа сама создаст дополнительную запись в БД, в таблице списка пользователей, которой вы в конечном итоге сможете пользоваться.
Если вам нужен видео например, то я пока занят, придется подождать

You can create logic in the application. When registering a user, the program itself will create an additional entry in the database, in the user list table, which you will ultimately be able to use.
If you need a video, for example, I’m busy right now, you’ll have to wait

Hello @Vladimir_PV thanks for the feedback. Alright sure I’ll be waiting on your video example.

To update a field in the Firebase console, find the required entry, change the required value and press enter:


@Michael Alright great, so how do I connect the text I would like to alter to the DB?..And is it possible for the DB to automatically create a new row for a new sign up? if so, kindly show me how to do this aswell.

@Vladimir_PV would you know how to set it up from this point?

I remember about you, I encountered a problem while creating an example, I’m trying to understand the reasons

Hello @Michael I’m really interested in trying out the platform but with this kind of response rate, I’m not sure how exactly you plan on maintaining or even raising the retention rate of your platform. I may not know what the numbers are but, I’m quite sure no one would be pleased with this kind of client service. That being said, I would like some feedback on my query. Also please have it laid out in depth, not just a photo of an arrow pointing at something, assuming everyone here would know how to navigate around it.

Thanks, I’ll be expecting your feedback.

Hello @Vladimir_PV did you manage to sort out the issue you faced?

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