HTML-markup in text widget


in my Google Sheet, I combined multiple text-columns to one, each text separated by
. (first image)
But in the text-widget, Flipabit displays this
instead of a (wanted) linebreak. (second image)

In the docs (Text - Flipabit) I read
should be supported.

So I think I’m doing something wrong :frowning:




The text format detection algorithm works as follows: if the first line has an html tag, then the text is rendered as html, otherwise the text is rendered as plain.

As a workaround you can add an invisible tag to the first line, e.g. Some text line<i></i>.

Keep in mind that html format will ignore line breaks without a tag.

In the next version we will add the ability to manually select the format.

Nice workaround and easy to implement in my GoogleSheet-formula.
Thanks for helping !


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