Hyperlink in text doesn't work


I tried both a simple text widget with a HTML-hyperlink as text from my GoogleSheet database.
In both cases, Flipabit “shows” the hyperlink (blue & underlined), but nothing happens when clicking (desktop) or tapping (Android phone).


Could be a bug, but I think I’m doing something wrong… I read the docs (Text - Flipabit), but could not find what could be wrong.


You need to use the Link clicked event. In addition, you need to set an action for the link. This may be a transition to another page, etc., of course, this may also be the opening of a website.


Check the example text_links.pma (5.2 KB)

Thanks for the help and the pma-file. Again, I learned something new…

The only “problem” with the action-builder are the multiple options. It’s not always clear for newbies to find the correct combination of events / target / actions.
Any suggestion to learn? Or just trial and error? :woozy_face:

We are working on documentation with examples. Feel free to ask any questions here.

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