I accidentally delete build configuration-restore keys?

I accidentally delete my build configuration.Is it possible to restore keys?I dont have them.
I tried to recreate new project same package name but it didnt work.
I have last built .aab file in my hand.Can we restore from that file?

package name: com.ozgunaydin.myapp
Mail adress:ozdileksiparis@hotmail.com

Anyone help?

@Michael Could you please help me?

When did you delete your project?

12.04.2023 after 13.30 by Turkey time

it is the last builded .aab time

Key files have been sent to your email.

thank you very much.
I need one more help.It ask also keystore alias.What do i need to write?They didnt sent me that


66da3fdb2c812b99b6293510920034aa for 95595803baa957e662620168b0087458.keystore file
e4f3e8d2757c211d9b2eed7b7de70d44 for 028c09f56763cd96debdfe7ffe72477e.keystore file


I get this error.

Dear Michael,

I select key store that you send me,write password and alias to that screen

And i write same package name.But when i click build for android.It gives that message.


Do i need to do anything more?

dear @Michael
Please help me.I couldnt do it and find any resource at web about it

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