I can't make my Images Display

Guys i have a problem to get my images displayed on the table ! i connect it to database, i got the text but not the image.
i did exactly like in the tutorial also i downloaded the files of the tutorial but still the same.

i think its mac blocing the software from access my folders but im not sure.

Please if anybody got the same issue, HELP me out

Link to the tutorial

Could you share your .pma file. I’ll check it.

Also try adding an Image widget and select any image from the extracted folder “example_groupby”. Will the picture be displayed or not?

Images.pma (19.7 KB)

I tried with the image widget method its not working also

Hello any update Please

I cannot reproduce this error. I’m on macOS Catalina 10.15.1.

  1. Could you share your Privacy settings for Flipabit, like this

  2. Could you share record screen while adding Image widget, like this

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