In webview - on click on back button

In webview - on click on back button doesn’t work
and in the browser chrome goes a step back
Sorry for creating a re-topic, but there solution is not possible to download.

  1. Are you using the Go back action?


  1. On what OS does this error occur?
  2. Can you share the screen recording?

The problem is only on android.
In the video capture of the screen, he first demonstrated the work in the browser and then in the application.
When you click “Back” in the application in the webview, nothing happens, but it should beat as in the browser - the transition to the previous page.

  1. what is the website address?
  2. where to click click after which the return to the previous page does not work?

This is observed on all sites in android applications.
It’s just not possible to go back to the previous page when you click on the native Android Back button.
Below is the video and .PMA file

flipabit-android.pma (5.9 KB)

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