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We’re looking to have an interactive map where you can scroll around and click on the different bank locations. There are 41 banks and we’d like each one to be its own icon on the map. Once clicked on, it would pull up pictures of the interiors, exteriors, address and phone numbers. Is this something that can be done with this program? Any feedback or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I just have the downloadable version for now while I’m learning how to use this, but will eventually buy the program.

This is simple. See the “interactive_map.pma” example in the attachment. Add the point number to the name of the widget.
If you have any questions, just let me know.

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Hi Daniel, can you attach the “interactive_map.pma” file?
thank you

Daniel you can attach "interactive_map.pma

image image

See the example interactive_map.pma (1.0 MB)

I have a similar question, but the example (interactive_map_pma) only displays a picture of flowers ?!

I have a database (google sheet) that I use in the app and one of the fields is an address-field.
Can Flipabit display a map (OpenStreetmap) where the locations of those fields are shown with a marker.
And clicking on that marker shows more detailed information of the particular row-id from the same database?

No problem if it’s not possible with Flipabit; just let me know :wink:

This is currently not supported without writing code. This is a must have feature that will be added in the next version.

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