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Regarding “flipabit” editor" for windows:
I think it is very important to build Android applications in the editor in an offline mode, offline at the time of creating the application, because it results in greater user interaction and avoids network problems during creation, which makes it spread globally and It competes with other editors and is used by many users

Это приведет к росту взломов и финансовым потерям.
Так как на данный момент сборка происходить на сервере компании, нет смысла беспокоится о возможных взломах самой программы.
Но если сборка будет происходить на стороне клиента, то максимум что сможет сделать разработчик, это проверять аккаунт перед началом сборки проекта, а это можно взломать.

This will lead to an increase in hacks and financial losses.
Since at the moment the assembly takes place on the company’s server, there is no point in worrying about possible hacks of the program itself.
But if the build takes place on the client side, then the maximum that a developer can do is check the account before starting to build the project, and this can be hacked.

Thanks for the answer , Isn’t there a way to secure from hacking with offline build enabled maybe this suggestion needs some kind of creativity in a way to achieve it.

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