Is it possible to make the presentation go to start after inactivity period?

Is there any way to set a “time out” option so that the presentation will go back to the start page after inactivity for a set amount of time?

Yes. You can do this via Action Editor:

  1. Add a new entry.
  2. Set “Source” to “Project”,
  3. Set “Event” to “Inactivity”,
  4. Set “Target” to “Project”
  5. Set “Action” to “Go to page”.
    The first page is set by default, but you can select any page in the combobox below.

Hi Daniel, I am trying to look for the “Inactivity” option under events but it does not seem to be there. Can you please help. This is all the events I get:


Inactivity event has been discontinued.

Use the following method:

Example project: project_inactivity.pma (5.0 KB)

Hi Michael, thankyou for this, for the value is 5 the seconds or milliseconds

This is the seconds.

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