Is it too good to be true?


I’ve recently started looking into Flipabit, great product with tons of powerful features missing from some of the popular low code tools out there.

My question/concern… what does the future of this product look like? expansion plans? Could it all just go away one day?

And if it does, am I able to take my Flipabit projects elsewhere?

Please let me know, thanks

In a nutshell, the future of the Flipabit is open source, in the next two years.

The most outstanding Flipabit update is coming soon. Here are some updates:

  • Figma integration (design in figma, build in Flipabit).
  • The ability to create and manage the application using only Google Sheet.
  • Full-featured templates of the most popular applications.
  • Professional debugging and testing tools.
  • Full cycle of creating and publishing applications for iOS on Windows.
  • 48 hour beginner course in creating mobile apps, from scratch to promotion.

You can’t open Flipabit project in another program. Also you can’t open Android Studio project in the XCode and so on. Flipabit is mostly frontend. Unlike many other constructors, in Flipabit you can integrate any platform as backend. So you won’t lose data during migration.

This is great to hear. Thank you for the detailed response.

Any idea on the timeline for Figma integration?

Thanks again, love the platform.

The release is scheduled for September, but for now I can share the beta version (for Windows only).

Yes please… how do I get access to the beta version?

Here is it Export Figma To Flipabit Beta

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That is really great , i have to say that i really like your audio player FINALLY FiNALLY an audio player with visualization !!!Just please add more options for controls and placements and playlist.
You named google sheets , can we use these as database for our app with boolean capabilities fro subscriptions, visibility etc …because i have to say ,i hate Firebase…, i do confess i do use Gide but i want more flexibility and i really like Flipabit…so young and so perfect !!!

Can you explain in detail your task with Google Sheets?

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