Export Figma To Flipabit Beta

Download beta version: https://flipabit.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/flipabit_2.2.0815.21-beta.exe

Known issues:

  • All pages are exported now. Remove unnecessary pages and frames before export to shorten the export time.
  • Background blur is not supported.
  • Install manually used fonts and restart Flipabit.
  • Instance is exported as svg file. Detach it first.

Please report any bugs you find. Attach a figma file and a screenshot with a description.

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This is great… I’ll fiddle and give feedback. Thank you.

Are there any tags that can or should be used to tell Flipabit what component it’s importing? On first glance, it looks like everything except text and buttons is imported as an image.

Great, that is very nice.What about Mac?

There is no beta version available for Mac. The official release will be in October.

After importing as per the Youtube video, I can see the pages and frames listed on the left, but none of the elements is displayed. Are there ways to troubleshoot this?

There is a newer version Import Figma to Flipabit - YouTube

If you share the figma file I will check it.

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